Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday - 34 weeks 2 days

Dr followup!

Other than gaining 10 pounds of water weight since Friday! My poor toes look like Vienna Sausages with paint on them and my fingers are so sore. Also - I thought I had a rash on my left side, so I showed it to the nurse - she said, "No that is just where your skin is tearing from the stretching and laying down!

Cervix is great is so far up there - I should not go into labor any time soon!

No delivery talk!

I have to wait for my MFM (Specialist) Followup next Monday.

I will have a ultrasound and see just how big Kole and Kensley are! They should be about 5 1/2 pounds each!

My "Big Sis" from the Twin Club came over and chatted while I lounged! Her little girls are the cutest - wow - How I have realized that my home is not child proofed!


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