Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am ready!!! The last things are done! I put the head rests in the carriers!

I think I lost some of my mucous plug yesterday - so I am hoping that we are moving towards progress!!!

The Twin Garage Sale is this weekend and I will not be missing it.

I am not sure what I need, but I am going! I will officially be 35 weeks!

I am having lots of non-painful contractions - even with my meds!

I am ready for them to be born!

Come on Kole!!! Come on Kenlsey!!!
This weekend -
Emily was upset with us - she has an on-going project that will be completed April 9. It is a Living Museum. She is going to be playing the part of Eleanor Roosevelt. She has to write a speech and then have it memorized. We made her start it when I got home from the hospital on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon we continued. On Sunday night, I wanted her to copy the completed speech that I had typed out for her after we worked together to create it. She was livid - because it was not due until Wednesday. I explained that I wanted her to be prepared, just in case the babies happen or I was not feeling well. She yelled and screamed - she even said that she hated having teachers as parents!

Whoa! Anyway she turned it in and was so proud because her teacher said it was awesome and she was the only one who had turned it in early.

She apoligized for saying mean things!

BTW - Have I mentioned that I am ready for these babies to arrive!

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