Sunday, March 15, 2009

Better days...

I did not have many contractions today...I have an appointment in the morning, so we will see if the contractions have been doing any thing down there.

I think that I had 2 all day. I took some belly pictures - including a bare belly shot - wowsers!!!! I am huge! I have only gained like 8 pounds, but my belly is huge!!

I am going to open a Facebook account this week - and I think that I am going to try to shave my legs again.

See all of the MAJOR priorities that I have set up for the week!

Emily sold Girl Scout cookies today in Friendswood. A friend took her for me, since I am still on bed rest!!! My goodness it just seems to drag and drag. Robert had a good day. He graduated from SFA and today the basketball team played for the chance to be in the March Madness. I put my pride and my "tired of being alone" feelings and told him that he should really go- because he would regret if he missed them winning. Well they won!! They will be playing Syracuse! This really does not mean much to me, but he is thrilled!

Robert is painting Emily's room. Before I was on bedrest we picked out paint for the babies' room and at the same time we got paint for Emily's room. It looks really cool - it is hot pink and purple!

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